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A young smiling girl holding a retainer at Senestraro Family Orthodontics in Wilsonville, OR.Do you come to see us on a regular basis? If you do, you might think that if you have regular cleaning and regular checkups that is all you need. You may think that regular cleaning and regular checkups will make your smile bright and healthy. Some people need a little extra. They may need orthodontic treatment to make sure their teeth remain healthy. Maybe they are having problems chewing. They might also have trouble biting down without pain, or they may have constant jaw pain. Some people think that orthodontics is only about having straight teeth. Orthodontics is about more than having straight teeth, it is about having a beautiful smile for life. Let Senestraro Family Orthodontics tell you about orthodontics.

Why Orthodontics?

People in the past were not worried about the way their teeth looked, because there were other things more important. They were trying to find enough to eat for themselves and their families. When we began to study how teeth worked, we noticed that some people could keep their teeth for longer periods than others. One reason some people kept their teeth longer was because their teeth were better aligned. Some people began to study how to fix teeth and jaws so people could have their teeth for longer. Orthodontics started as a practice that allows us to arrange teeth to make sure that patients could chew, bite and talk without any pain.

What Happens in Orthodontic Treatment?

Before we can decide on whether or not you need orthodontic treatment, you need a consultation. We need to look at your x-rays, teeth models and photos to help us see the progression of your teeth. We can take a look at your mouth as well, to see what is going on with your teeth, bite, and jaw. If we think you need dental treatment, we will design an orthodontic treatment plan for your teeth to fix problems. While this won’t be a fast fix, your teeth will thank you for it. We may recommend several different techniques to fix your problem. We might pull your teeth to make other teeth less crowded. We might also fit you with appliances, aligners, or braces to fix bite problems in your mouth.

Why Do People Need Orthodontics?

There are many people who want orthodontics because they don’t like the way their teeth look. While this is ok for people to do, our orthodontic work is for more than just cosmetic purposes. Orthodontics help people bite or chew more easily. Orthodontics may make it easier for you to speak, as well. You also may need orthodontics to feel better and more self-confident with speaking. The most important part of orthodontics is to keep your healthy smile for life.

How to Help Yourself

Do you have questions about orthodontics? If you do, give Senestraro Family Orthodontics a call at (503) 582-8212. Let us talk to you about how orthodontics can help you and your beautiful smile stay beautiful for life.
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Do you have questions about orthodontics? If you do, give Senestraro Family Orthodontics a call. Let us talk to you about how orthodontics can help you and your smile.
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