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Why Clear Aligners?

Straightening teeth with clear aligners is becoming the favorite orthodontic appliance among teens and adults. This is due to the many benefits that clear aligners offer. Our team at Senestraro Family Orthodontics can help you have a beautiful smile with minimal interruption to your daily routine. Ask us for more information on this modern version of traditional braces.

Clear aligners shift teeth using a silicone mold instead of the brackets and wires of braces. Teeth that are well-aligned are healthier, easier to keep clean and provides a beautiful smile. Studies have shown that people with crowded teeth have more problems with gum disease and a higher tendency to grind their teeth while they sleep. By simply wearing a clear orthodontic device, we can help.

Our patients love clear aligners because of the benefits this device can offer, including:
•  Nearly Invisible: Clear aligners are made using a clear silicone material making them nearly invisible. People that you speak with casually or passing by will never know you’re wearing them. This means you can maintain that professional look while having your teeth straightened.
•  Removable: Though we will want you to wear your aligners a majority of each day, they are removable when needed. Do you play a sport? Play an instrument? Have a special occasion? There are small brief moments that you can go without your aligner to do the things you love.
•  Eat your Regular Diet: A huge downside of metal braces is altering your diet to accommodate them. With clear aligners you can eat the foods you love because you remove your aligner while you eat. You simply place the aligner in its case, eat as you normally would, then place the aligner back when you're done. No brackets or wires for sticky, crunchy food to get stuck in.
•  Brush and Floss with Ease: It can be difficult to brush and floss around brackets and wire. With clear aligners you simply remove the aligner and brush and floss your teeth as normal. You then lightly brush and rinse the aligner before placing it back in your mouth.
•  Metal Free: There is no metal to poke, scratch or irritate your gum tissue. Clear aligners are made using a silicone material that is soft and pliable.

How Do Clear Aligners Work?

The first step in the clear aligner process is meeting with our team to discuss your needs. We will evaluate your bite and talk about your goals. If you decide to move forward with clear aligners, we can do that in our office. We can create a digital impression of your teeth and show you the options that your aligner can do. A digital movement of your teeth can show you the beginning and end results.

Once approved, we then send for the fabrication of a series of aligners. You wear each aligner in the series for about two weeks and then move onto the next one. This means if you ever lose or break an aligner, you just move to the next one in the series. It’s that simple!
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