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How Does Invisalign™ Work?
Wilsonville, OR

Invisalign at Senestraro Family Orthodontics in Wilsonville, ORInvisalign™ clear aligners are another option in orthodontic appliances used to reposition your most visible teeth. Traditional braces allow for great control in teeth alignment, but they aren’t necessary for every patient. Our team at Senestraro Family Orthodontics can examine your bite and discuss your malocclusion to help you determine the best options for your needs, which may include Invisalign.

Invisalign is sometimes referred to as clear aligners or invisible braces. It is a molded silicone device designed to fit over your teeth and apply directed pressure to move your teeth into an improved alignment. Treatment works using a series of aligners, each designed to wear for a short period of time, about two weeks, with each aligner applying specified pressure for tiny incremental movements.

Patients may choose this Invisalign vs. braces for one of many benefits including:
•  Clear: The Invisalign silicone material is mostly clear, making them nearly invisible on your teeth. Most people will never know you’re wearing it. This can be ideal for adult wearers who would prefer a more discreet option, especially while working in a professional position.
•  Removable: Successful Invisalign treatment requires that you wear the device a majority of the day, but it is removable for small periods of time. This can be ideal while eating, playing sports, playing a woodwind or brass instrument, or just when you want to look extra nice for that special evening.
•  Faster Treatment: Though this is not guaranteed, studies show that patients complete orthodontic treatment faster using Invisalign compared to traditional metal braces.
•  Less Office Visits: We will want to see you and check on your progress, but Invisalign requires fewer office visits than traditional braces because we do not need to tighten wires.

Getting Started with Invisalign

We want to improve the look of your smile and your oral health. Correcting bite issues helps in both. Your initial consultation will include examining your bite and determining which option is right for you. You may choose Invisalign because it suits both your dental needs and your lifestyle needs.

We will create a mold or impression of your teeth and project an image using our Invisalign software. We can then manipulate the image to show the ideal ending look. Once the patient agrees on their ideal goal, we then send the information to a dental lab for the fabrication of multiple aligners. They will be worn one by one in a series designed to make tiny movements in your teeth. You will move to the next aligner in the series about every two weeks. The last aligner should bring your smile to that ending result we created. If an aligner is torn or lost, you may be able to simply move ahead to the next aligner. We will monitor your progress through regular checkup appointments.

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How Does Invisalign Work - Senestraro Family Orthodontics
Invisalign™ clear aligners are an option in orthodontic appliances used to reposition your most visible teeth. Call Senestraro Family Orthodontics now!
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