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All About Braces
Wilsonville, OR

A woman getting her braces examined at Senestraro Family Orthodontics in Wilsonville, ORIf you are worried that you might need braces, you’re in good company. Researchers figure that over 4 million people across the US have braces or are in the process of getting braces. Twenty-five percent of the people who have braces are adults. Do you think that your mouth might benefit from braces, but you still have questions? Senestraro Family Orthodontics have answers! We can give you lots of information about braces.

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Why Braces?

We use braces to fix lots of different problems with your teeth. A lot of people who have braces need them because they have problems with their bite. Normally, your top teeth should fit easily over your lower teeth. When you bite down, your teeth should be able to touch each other. Also, your top teeth and lower teeth should match perfectly in the back of your jaw. A lot of people have bites that don’t quite fit perfectly. In some people, their lower teeth are in front of their upper teeth, which is an underbite. Others have bite where their upper teeth are too far down over the lower teeth - which is called an overbite. Some people’s bites don’t meet in the back, or their mouths don’t close the right way - which is called a crossbite.

Braces can fix other problems with their teeth besides their bite lines. Some people have teeth that are too crowded, and the teeth are in front of each other. Other people have teeth that aren’t properly spaced, so there is too much room between teeth, and not enough between other teeth. You might also have teeth that can rotate or turn in one direction. Each one of these problems requires you to get braces.

Do you think you might need braces? Do you have a family member who might need braces? Give Senestraro Family Orthodontics a call today at (503) 582-8212.
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